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2016 Taiwan Documentary Film Festival in Brisbane More details please visit 16th – Friday – 星期五 2pm – 3pm – 電影展開幕活動 (昆士蘭台灣中心) [Taiwan Film Festival Press Conference @ Queensland Taiwan Centre] 6pm – 7.00pm 郭博士介紹台灣影展的節目,放映集錦影片 (Sunnybank Hills 小學) [Introduction of Taiwan Film, Moon, Culture and Food Festival, introducing Dr Kuo to introduce the film […]

16th – Friday – 星期五 9pm – 放煙火 [Fireworks display] 17th – Saturday – 星期六 10.30am – 6pm – 文化藝術表演活動 [Start of Music Cultural Performances @SHSS] 9pm – 放煙火 [Fireworks display]

15th – Thursday – 星期四 7pm – 9pm – 僑委會台灣美食廚藝巡迴講座(二) [Taiwan Overseas Community Commission’s Executive Chef Free cooking Demonstration @ Sunny Park Shopping Centre] 16th – Friday – 星期五 4pm – 攤位開始營業 (Sunnybank Hills 小學) [Start of Taiwanese food stalls @ SHSS] 4pm – 6pm – 僑委會台灣美食廚藝巡迴講座(三) [Taiwanese Executive Chef Free cooking demonstration @ SHSS) […]

2016 台灣影展,中秋辦桌晚會,嘉年華 節目 The Taiwanese Film, Moon, Culture and Food Festival Program 12th – Monday – 星期一 6pm – 6.50pm – 台僑系列活動特別介紹在昆州政府 [Special advanced preview of Taiwan Film, Moon, Culture and Food Festival & Dandir Room, Queensland Parliament] 14th – Wednesday – 星期三 6:30pm – 9:30pm 僑委會台灣美食廚藝巡迴講座(一) [Taiwan Overseas Community Commissions’s Executive Chef Free cooking […]

2014 Taiwan Festival Week Program English Edition Link 日期 開始 結束 節目與活動 社團/表演團體 地點 1/9/14 (Mon) 9:00 17:30 台灣嘉年華文化廣場 台僑團體 Level 4 Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town 9:00 17:30 台灣嘉年華購物中心週年慶 YFG Shopping Centres All four Shopping Centres 13:30 14:00 太極拳教學 中華八卦太極協會 Level 4 Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town 13:00 13:40 行動藝術雕像與小丑魔術演出 台灣屏東漢娜魔幻藝術團 Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town 14:00 […]

2012 Review The inaugural Queensland Taiwan Festival was held on Sat & Sun 22-23 Sept 2012 The festival was an amazing success with: More than 50,000 visitors to Mt Gravatt Showgrounds 1651 participants to break the Guinness World Record for the largest drum lesson Over 70 exhibitors including over 40 specialty food stalls Traditional, Cultural […]

he story of the Taiwanese community in Brisbane started just over 20 years ago, with the first wave of the business migrants and their families arriving to start a new life here in Australia. They were not refugees running away from famine; they were not asylum seekers escaping a dictatorial regime; they were not desperate, […]

Background aiwanese expression through art is a mixture of traditional and contemporary, Eastern and Western, local, aboriginal and international and is also influenced by past rules of other cultures such as Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Taiwan’s artists in both the visual and performing arts are exploring different approaches and developing Taiwan’s own unique styles. This […]

Formosa, Beautiful Island aiwan is known for its towering mountains, and is reputable as a “Mountainous Island”. The island is spotted with numerous mountains over 3,000 metres. It is also home to the Northeast Asia’s tallest mountain, Yu Mountain (Yushan), which is nearly 4,000 metres in height. Besides mountains, beautiful coastal scenes are also part […]