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2016 Taiwan Documentary Film Festival in Brisbane More details please visit 16th – Friday – 星期五 2pm – 3pm – 電影展開幕活動 (昆士蘭台灣中心) [Taiwan Film Festival Press Conference @ Queensland Taiwan Centre] 6pm – 7.00pm 郭博士介紹台灣影展的節目,放映集錦影片 (Sunnybank Hills 小學) [Introduction of Taiwan Film, Moon, Culture and Food Festival, introducing Dr Kuo to introduce the film […]

eartbeat of Taiwan” is the theme song of Taiwan Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The song is in Mandarin Chinese, performed by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. For the viewing pleasure of non-Mandarin Chinese speakers and to share the awesomeness of Taiwan, English subtitle has been added. I hope that this song will touch your […]

aiwanese movies have earned a high reputation in international film festivals over the past few years, giving a different impression of Taiwan, with its vitality of soft power and culture, to the whole world. Last year, the number of tourists to Taiwan reached a record of 5,567,000; to keep the number rising, the Tourism Bureau […]